Bulldogs News · Jr. High Track Results

The JH Track Team traveled to Corrigan Monday afternoon for the Jasper Cockrell Jr High Relays. Both the girls and boys team finished third overall with eight total teams in each division. Schools that competed in this meet included Nacogdoches, Corrigan, Chester, Coldsprings, Goodrich, PCA, and Trinity. The girls finished behind Coldsprings and Nacogdoches. The boys finished behind Nacogdoches and PCA. The results are as follows.



Shot Put- 1st Place Jayden Rodrigues

Discus- 1st Place Jayden Rodrigues 

Triple Jump- 2nd Aubrey Townsend

2400m- 5th Place Aybree Bond 

4×1 Relay- 3rd Place Jayden Rodgrigues, McKenzie Reese, Lexi Hallmark, Aaliyah Patton 

100m Hurdles- 3rd Place Bailee Ford, 4th Place Lexi Hallmark

4×2 Relay- 6th Place Madison Land, Madelyn Rucker, Aubrey Townsend, Jayden Rodrigues 

400m – 1st Aaliyah Patton 

1600m- 6th Place Aybree Bond

4×4 Relay- 2nd Place McKenzie Reese, Mallory Rice, Lexi Hallmark, Aaliyah Patton 



Shot Put- 1st Place Gavin Pollard, 3rd Place, Jabrahlyn Jones

Discus- 2nd Place Jabrahlyn Jones

High Jump- 3rd Place Nate Harvey 

Triple Jump- 3rd Place Nate Harvey 

2400m- 5th Place Malachi Johnson 

4×1 Relay- 4th Place Christian Clark, Nate Harvey, Andrew Garcia, Avery Yarbrough 

800m- 3rd Place Sam Adkison 

110m Hurdles- 4th Place Colton Carroll

100m- 5th Place Avery Yarbrough 

4×2 Relay- 3rd Place Christian Clark, Nate Harvey, Andrew Garcia, Avery Yarbrough 

400m- 6th Place Sam Adkison

300m Hurdles- 4th Place Chris Juarez

200m- 2nd Place Nate Harvey, Jaxon Shaw

1600m- 5th Place Malachi Johnson 

4×4 Relay- 1st Place Christian Clark Jaxon, Shaw, Colton Carroll, Andrew Garcia 


Good job to all the athletes that competed! The next and final meet will be in Mount Enterprise for district.